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Between a lengthy hiring process and the rigorous academy trainingit can be a hard job to get. There are extreme stressors present in the position every day.

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If you are going to try it out, it is important to remember that there are some challenges as well as rewards that await you. The U.

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Many Types of Specialization The police force offers other types of jobs in the criminal justice, which include park rangers, special assignments Unit SWATK-9 Handler, undercover detectives, and field training officers. It will be so unfair if they are deprived of what they truly desire.

References 8. Challenging Career Choice This is actually a positive impression because even if people are having a job in the criminal justice system, they love what they are doing.

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Every police officer faces the risk of injury and death every day. Most fatalities occur on Fridays, so working weekends is potentially more dangerous. The myth persists nonetheless, and people will sometimes become abusive or even violent when what they think should be happening doesn't go down the way they saw it on TV. This brings its own pain. Morale can suffer when officers are exhausted from overtime. With police officers, that is not usually the case. Some communities offer home buying assistance for police officers because their presence in a neighborhood helps others feel safe. Professionalism is recognized and highly regarded in law enforcement. They sometimes struggle with anger that borders on fury. In Ancient Greece, the magistrates used slaves who were publicly owned as police officers. Police don't have to read you your rights unless they're questioning you. There is great comfort in knowing that if the worst-case scenario happens, there will be shoulders for you to lean on to help you make it through. Police officers are forced to deal with many stereotypes.

They often meet the loved ones they leave behind.

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16 Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Police Officer