Battle of tannenberg

After being reinforced, the Germans turned on Rennenkampf's slowly advancing Army, attacking it in the first half of September and driving it from East Prussia.

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Zhilinskiy and Rennenkampf each had one; Samsonov did not. After Tannenberg and the arrival of two fresh army corps from the Western Front, the Germans turned on the slowly advancing Rennenkampf, whose lack of energy was partly due to his losses at Gumbinnen and to his subsequent lack of information.

Having decided on 25 August - the day he was passed the Russian radio intercepts - that Rennenkampf's forces were unlikely to attempt to join Samsonov Ludendorff sent the two corps stationed at Gumbinnen south where on the following day they met and brought into action Samsonov's VI Corps moving northwards at Bischofsburg.

I Corps was closest to the railway, so it would move by train to support the right of XX Corps, while the other two German corps would march the shorter distance to XX Corps' left.

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Samsonov was similarly unaware of Hoffmann's plan or of its execution. Relief from the Russian border in the form of counter-attacks were weak and insufficient. By naming this victory after the city, they thought that the people would see this as a return of Germany to power. There, German artillery forced a Russian retreat, whereupon they were pursued toward Neidenburg, in the rear of the Russian centre. With its rear closed and its roads congested, the Russian centre XIII, XV, and half XXIII corps dissolved into a mob of hungry and exhausted men, who beat feebly against the ring of fire and then surrendered in the tens of thousands. The Eighth Army had ordered it further west to shield the Vistula crossings, but now it would detrain at Deutsch-Eylau , where it could support the right of XX Corps. Such was the Russians' initial plan. The Russian advance continued on the afternoon of 18 August and on the following day. Ludendorff replied that they would arrive too late for the present battle, but would be welcome if they could be spared. First they sorted out the orders that had been issued for concentrating most of Eighth Army against Samsonov—each corps had received orders from the Eighth Army and also from Ludendorff—which rankled the staff. In the middle of August , much sooner than had been anticipated, Russia sent two armies into East Prussia, while Germany, according to its war strategy, had the bulk of its forces concentrated to the west, against France. Samsonov's forces were spread out along a 60 mile front and advancing gradually against the Germans when, on 26 August, Ludendorff ordered an attack on Samsonov's left wing near Usdau.

The Russian Instrumentalization of the Eastern Prussian experience. He then left the office, leaving them to continue the argument with Waldersee—and, eventually, to persuade him to take bolder measures.

They could keep control of their army because most of the local telephone operators remained at their switchboards, carefully tracking the motorcade.

Ludendorff issued an order to General Francois to initiate the attack on Samsonov's left wing at Usdau on 25 August. Ludendorff knew the senior officer, deputy Chief of Operations Col.

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Unable to do anything, he turned and rode south again on August 28, only to get lost in the depths of the forest.

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