A comparison of medieval and anglo saxon characteristics in literature

They obviously also needed to be very skillful in the vocal department so they could succeed in storytelling.

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As Morton holds, heroes are derived from the mists of time and myth. The two former eras show a people who deeply appreciate battle and the pursuit of heroic deeds, not great knowledge or understanding of the elements around them as seen in the Renaissance and some later periods.

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However, as Fishwick notes, the concept of hero changes just like everything else. The lyrics do not tell a long story not an epic, odyssey, ballad but rather about a single thought or image.

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The Early Middle Ages typically signify the begging of the Medieval Era with the fall of Rome and continue until sometime in the 11th century. Further, it is inflectional, making use of verbs with person, number and tense. Caedmon and Bede are two of the three Old English poets to have a proper biography on them, Alfred being the other. In terms of themes, they were strongly dominated by religion. The Renaissance, Anglo-Saxon period, and Medieval times each contained elements of violence and battle, although each era progressed and changed in their individual respective ways. It was passed down over generations, which caused it to be continuously changed with each retelling. These include inclusion of a complex gender system having no relationship to sex, and inflections of nouns, pronouns and adjectives. While the printing press was invented in the Fifteenth Century, its impact was not fully achieved until the Renaissance. The first autobiography was The Book of Margery Kempe. They taught lessons about morality and human nature and used allegorical characters to portray the struggle that a person goes through to achieve salvation and the forces of good and evil.

One of the basic differences is in vocabulary. The Catholic Church created schools with an intensive curriculum founded upon the education of grammar, rhetoric, Latin, astronomy, philosophy and math.

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In the case of Judith, the battle takes place on a bed and is against an unconscious man.

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Medieval Heroes and Hypertext: Anglo